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Hi! My name is Grettel, aka, Gretuski!


Video Games have been a big part of my life since I was a kid and as my life unfolded, I always found picking up a controller to be the the thing that made me happiest.


The idea of venturing into new worlds, meeting new faces, and creating memories with all sorts of characters always found a way to make even the darkest of times in my life, seem a little bit brighter. That's why, my dream is to create stories like the ones that gave and continue to give me hope and happiness each and every single day -- and find news ways to tell them!


I've had the idea of starting a blog to serve as a diary of my adventures and projects like this in my mind for many a years and well-- this is the year I chose to make it a reality! And now here you are reading this, so mission accomplished!


When I'm not fighting evil by moonlight or winning love by daylight on the internet, I'm a broke grad school student, indie game developer and a KBBQ aficionada.

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Love Spell: Written In The Stars is my debut indie game! (Logo design by me.)
It's a romance visual novel / otome game with an expected release date of Spring 2020!
I am currently hard at work at developing it and look forward to sharing more behind the scenes with you all!